Irish whiskey is entering a third golden age. The first golden age was in the 12th century when Irish monks first distilled a spirit that became known as the ‘water of life’, in Gaelic, Uisce Beatha. Over time, the pronunciation became whiskey, and the legendary Irish spirit was born.
The second golden age was the late 18th century when Irish whiskey represented 60% of the world whiskey market and was renowned across the globe as a premium spirit. Sadly, Irish whiskey went into decline in the late 20th century, due mainly to geopolitical circumstances.
That decline has been halted, and we are now experiencing a third golden era for Irish whiskey.  Since 1995, Irish whiskey has been the fastest-growing spirit in the world. From a low of just 4% of the world whiskey market, exports of Irish whiskey are growing year on year. Between 2015 and 2020 exports of Irish whiskey doubled and are predicted to double again by 2030.
This growth has largely been driven by premiumisation and new brand entrants. Many important markets now recognise Irish whiskey under the EU’s ‘Geographical Indication’ status. This affords "brand Irish Whiskey" added protection and value.