Introducing Muja Irish Whiskey, a premium blend with an exacting triple distilled and double casked maturation process.
It is a blend of single grain and single malt whiskeys, patiently aged in ex Bourbon and Sherry casks, which combine to produce an exquisite finish. The whiskey is non-chilled filtered and is bottled at 42% alcohol by volume.


It is remarkably smooth, with lots of character and a distinctive nose. It is round and full bodied on the palette. The taste hints at toasted oats, fresh yellow apple, warm cinnamon spice and dried vine fruits. The finish is rich, creamy and delicate, yet complex. We believe our first expression Premium Blend will appeal to experienced and novice whiskey drinkers alike. It is perfect neat or on the rocks or in your favorite cocktail.


"The long journey of the tired old Irish Whiskey barrel ends in a small village in Northern Italy. Far from home, the cask meets a young modish bottle. These two thus become best friends."

After years of knowledge acquired in this field, we decided to create a premium and distinct experience.
MUJA comes from a small town near Trieste in Italy, where the inspiration for the design was born and the whiskey is bottled.
It celebrates an imaginary made of linear sculptures, lights, sounds and dances of these lively areas, where luxury meets the demureness of the street.


Muja Irish Whiskey is a spirit where material preconceptions are ably annihilated, opening the way for something new.
Conceiving this bottle, the purpose was to surprise with a "hard" and luxurious, diamond shape concrete bottle that would however contain a smooth and democratic spirit.